RIBA Membership – The Benefits

We realise that joining any business association represents a significant commitment for individuals or companies, not least due to the cost but also time.

RIBA sets out to be entirely transparent in the benefits that membership can bring, but as with all organisations the more you put in the more you get out. 

RIBA is similar in many ways to other business associations in that members can expect a wide range of support whether they are setting up a new business, expanding an existing one or looking for help when dealing with Romanian or Irish authorities.

Where RIBA excels is the genuine desire of members to support other members through advice, collaboration or partnerships. The world over the word friendship defines the Irish community and our members are as keen to see others succeed as they succeed themselves.

Of course our members also believe in a work life balance which is why our association promotes a wide range of social events thought the year, with the highlight being our St Patricks Day celebrations.  If you want to join our growing community in RIBA, then we look forward to welcoming you.  Contact us for more information at info@riba.org.ro.